The Power Of A Pray-er


A Call To Prayer.

When we look at the world around us, we see so many things that are wrong. There is pain, sorrow, suffering and injustice at every hand.

We may wrestle with a concern over activism. The best direction to take regarding social, religious or political situations is not always clear to us. But I believe there is one thing we can and should be consistently doing.

Yes, that one thing is praying. We need to be lifting each other up in prayer on a local, national and global scale.

But as we lift one another up, we need to acknowledge that there are entities in place responsible for the problems we face. I believe we not only have the ability, but the responsibility to address those entities in prayer. read more

Our God Is Faithful



After so much talk about building my faith, I’ve come to the conclusion that my faith is irrelevant without my experiential knowledge of His faithfulness. Every challenge in life is an opportunity for our faith to grow. There are times when our faith is challenged and despite how well we know His Word, a promise for the future can be shrouded in the dismal fog of the present.

Just Run!


I was musing over some events I had endured during military service, and there is one thing most of us did that we’ll never forget … the dreaded Gas Chamber.


The exercise is simple. Dress in your full chemical protection suit and line up single file in a small building. When it comes your turn, you simply take off your gas mask and tell the official your name, rank and serial number. Then you can leave.

What’s In A Name?


Zerubbabel is a very unique person in the Bible. He was the appointed ruler of Judah under Cyrus during Israel’s return from Babylon. And that may be nice on the surface, the full story is awesome!


candle under a bushel

A friend asked, “Are you trying to start a revival?”  I said, “No, I don’t even like the word “revival”

But I do understand the underlying sentiment. There are times when we may have fallen behind. And other times when we’ve just grown cold-hearted, flat-footed or dull-minded. The first fire has faded and there’s no joy, no power and no fruit.

The Power Of A Thankful Heart



One of the most pressing issues in our modern world is energy. We need it for our homes, industry and transportation. We have become extremely energy dependent and without it, our industrialized lifestyle will grind to a halt.

So every discovery of new energy sources and methods of conservation has potential for great value to us. And who wouldn’t like to have a Beverly Hillbillies Jedd Clampett moment, to accidentally find oil and strike it rich?

I Wrote You A Letter

There’s something special about you, rise and shine!



Aquaponics In Action

family circus_Fish_Pond

What can we do with our loaves and fishies?



Ministry In Motion


Ministry in motion … want to get involved?

They have an internship program.

Rise and Shine!