Rise Up And Be Healed II

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Facelifted from a good friend at Facebook …

This is so good!
The Rise and Shine Initiative recently posted something very good:

“We may say, ‘Heal me so I can rise up.’
But many examples of healing follow the command to, ‘Rise up and be healed’.”

Something lit up inside of me. So often, I’ve watched saints of the King, heroes, stand between the dragon and his victim, defending the fallen one, even at great cost to themselves. I stand in awe of them. Father watches from his throne on the sea of glass, boasting to the angels about their prowess, their courage, their boldness! He’s so proud of them!

But sometimes, the saints are themselves wounded, and we are ourselves the fallen ones, often from battling on another’s behalf. When we’re seriously wounded, its hard, sometimes, we cry out “Heal me, so I can rise up.” And it’s sometimes real difficult to even hear when Father says, “No, rise up and be healed.”

One of the hardest parts of that command is that when Father bids me “rise and be healed,” those around me can’t help me. I may have come into his presence on a stretcher that you carried, but you can’t “rise” for me. It’s something I must do. I must rise to be healed, even if it’s only in my spirit, my attitude.

We’ve been through a season when many mighty warriors have taken substantial hits, and many have been knocked to the ground. Some have shaken their heads, picked their sword back up and used it to help them stand again, wiping the mud and blood from their face. They begin to walk, usually slowly, into their healing, and Father watches in admiration.

Some are still fallen, and Father, with tears in his mighty eyes, is whispering, “Rise, son. Rise, daughter. Rise and be healed. Come on! You can do it!”

And I’ve watched some saints respond and rise, lifting their eyes to meet His gleaming eyes.
And I’ve watched some saints cry out for their friends to come lift them up so they can be healed, but their friends can’t do that for them.
And I’ve watched a few saints, mighty heroes, so focused on their wounds that they can’t even hear the Father’s command to “rise.” I want to run to them and help them up, but I’ve recognized that if I lift them, I steal their healing from them, and their honor.

But I can still speak, and I say to those who lie wounded: your wounds are real, but they are not True! Acknowledge them, but don’t believe them.

The Truth is that your Father, our Father, is calling you to rise up, to stand, just to stand, and turn your eyes to him, and receive your healing.

The command is NOT “Rise up and return to battle.” It’s NOT “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Suck it up!” It’s “Rise up and be healed.”

~ Nor’west Prophetic

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