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candle under a bushel

A friend asked, “Are you trying to start a revival?”  I said, “No, I don’t even like the word “revival”

But I do understand the underlying sentiment. There are times when we may have fallen behind. And other times when we’ve just grown cold-hearted, flat-footed or dull-minded. The first fire has faded and there’s no joy, no power and no fruit.

This is when, if not re-vival, I need to re-something because I know my life is not where it should be.

Let me suggest that what we may need most is a good dose of re-bellion … a re-turn to the re-volution.

You see, when we first became citizens of the Kingdom of God, we did so in utter rebellion to the kingdoms of the devil’s world system. We joined the revolution Jesus started against the darkness of this world. And as long as we remain active in this revolution, things are fine.

But there is always an active pressure to conform to the schemes or systems of darkness. When we compromise our “rebellion” and allow this pressure to effect us, it turns our hearts back toward our old blind conformity to the systems of darkness. We stop participating in the revolution against darkness and become like chameleons, changing colors as needed to blend in to whatever environment we may be exposed to.

We cover the light within us because we’re afraid or ashamed to show it, you can’t blend in to the darkness with a bright light on. Of course the pressure that tries to conform us to the world hates the light, its darkness!

Light destroys darkness, right? So why would we let the darkness bully us into hiding the very thing that will defeat it?

The devil is tricky. He has to be because he doesn’t have Son~glasses.

I don’t mean to criticize those who are earnestly praying for God to revive, wake up and empower the Church. But I’m not so confident our prayers will be as effective as they could be if they’re not coupled with our rebellion.

Would you turn on the power switch to a light that didn’t work? Why would we expect God to “pour out His power” on the candle that’s hidden under a bushel?

When we can cast away the fear and shame the darkness used to force us into compliance, its like lifting that bushel from the candle.

It is a declaration, “I will not be conformed to the image of a broken system. I was born to shine!”

This is where we find that re-something we know that we need.

And yeah … all the power we need to burn as bright as we can!

Maybe we really do need to Rise And Shine!   ;-)

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